How do I make my own race?

Hi everyone, just wondering if you know how to make your own race and jersey?

Hi @Charles_Alcock, you can’t really make your own race or jersey. The closest thing is a meetup with “race results” enabled, but even that is a pretty poor excuse for a race. It doesn’t really work since everyone starts at different spawn points on the road, so it isn’t exactly fair.

There is no way, currently, to create your own jersey either. Eventually… maybe, with the new clubs features set to start rolling out early next year. I believe a club jersey is going to be possible down the road, but nothing soon I’m sure.


Ok, thanks for replying to my question.

Individually you can’t but if you are club then you can try approach zwift events for a slot but it’s likely you will have to wait for clubs to come hopefully early next year.

in the mean time meetups are the best option