How do I find a specific workout on ipad?

Hi there,

I’m using Zwift on my ipad, but I don’t know how I can find a specific workout.

I can go on whatsonzwift and find a workout that I want to do e.g.

But then when I am on the home screen of my ipad I don’t seem to be able to find it.

Is there a better search function that I can’t see or is there some way of using my computer to add a workout to my upcoming training? or some other solution?


When on Home Screen click on the workouts icon.
Collections will be automatically selected.
Scroll down the screen and select FTP Builder (using example you used)
Then scroll down to Week 3 and you will find day 3 foundation (I hope)

Another method is having clicked on the workout item at the top click on any workout which appears on the screen.
You should then see a screen which lists many of the workout collections etc.
Scroll up or down to find the workout collection you are after.
Open your chosen collection up and find week you are after.

Thanks very much for that answer.

I get the first screen on my ipad, but the second screen is different. I have a lot of boxes going week by week instead of a list as shown in your second picture.

Having said that I can now find that workout.

Thanks again!