How did I "win" a one hour group ride?

I participated in a one-hour social ride. After the ride, ZwiftPower has me listed as winning it. 

I’m not sure how… there were many people ahead of me. I didn’t have the highest average W/kg. 

The only odd thing was I had to stop and get off my bike to adjust my fan, which resulted me in having to lay down some hard watts to re-join the group, but I was probably mid-pack the rest of the ride, and a few hundred meters behind the group leader.



I’m assuming your talking about the USMES ride Phil - the numbers look good to me. Ride placements are based on a number of variables, one of which is average w/kg.

The ride leader you see on your screen is not always the actual fastest rider when all the Zwiftpower variables are taken into account.

Ride On!

Yes, that’s the one. I’m new to Zwifting. Not complaining, but I just thought it was weird that it would even assign placements for a social ride, let alone a winner. And “winning” from the middle of the pack seems odd. Oh well. Palmares is palmares :slight_smile: