How can they raise the monthly fee 50%?

I think the 50% increase lately is really a lack of respect for current users

This should not have come as a surprise since it was announced last year.

Zwift has added a lot of new features and a couple new course over the last year and from what I am hearing there is a lot more to come.

Here is a post from Zwift about the price increase:


‘recently’ = 1 year ago for everyone who wasn’t already a subscriber when the price increase happened.

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I can understand to increase but 50% is completely ridiculous

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I figure it’s 2 cups of coffee I buy less a month. My local gym increases fees every couple of years.


It’s completely relative. Zwift was ten bucks a month. Now it’s $15. Yes, that’s a 50% increase. It’s still only $15/month.

If you were a newspaper subscriber and you were paying $1 for the Sunday news, then… after two years, the same paper was $1.50 - would you be as outraged? Would you stop reading buying the paper altogether over fifty cents?

It’s an increase of ~ $0.17/day. Maybe that’s too much for some people to justify investing in Zwift as a training tool / training distraction. But let’s try to keep that FIFTY PERCENT INCREASE!! in perspective…


poor exemple

Only because so few people read a newspaper now. Still… you’re suggesting that $0.17/day is an outrageous increase because it’s 50% more than before.

All I’m saying is… it’s $0.17/day. For a demographic that is able to spend so much money on bikes, trainers, computers, TVs, etc etc etc… it’s really not so outrageous.

If Zwift isn’t worth $15/mo to you, then so be it. But to say it’s “a lack of respect for current users”? That’s the outrageous part!

You and I have had a ‘free’ year at the old subscription rate precisely because Zwift was saying thanks to its early supporters! Now that we’re expected to pay the same rate as everyone else, you think you’re being disrespected? :rofl:


It’s worth it in my opinion.

Plus it helps fund and sustain Zwift, something I enjoy very much and definitely get my money’s worth, that’s for sure.


Vote with your wallet and cancel your subscription as I recently did. I’m hoping that CVRcade will give Zwift some competition.

I would have kept my subscription going if they were a bit more like Trainerroad with a discounted annual subscription plus so long as you don’t cancel then you don’t get charged any more if and when the price goes up. I’m still paying what I was being charged 5 years ago. This rewards loyalty.

The increase is reasonable, but nobody is locked into it. You can cancel anytime. And then start again. Let’s say you use it four months a year. Only pay those four months and it’s twenty bucks.

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Just my 2 cents:

1- we talk about increase, which is $5/monthly. Five bucks are good for 2 or 3 beers here (depending on the pub and beer). Well, I’d rather drink beers than pay subscription, but frankly, it doesn’t bother me too much :slight_smile:

2 - I assume I’ll be riding Zwift (and paying for it) … let’s say … 6 months (November to April). 6 * 15 = $90 total. These $90 bucks match (roughly) the price of two new tires (for my MTB). Riding outside I have to change tires every 6 months (rough guess, again) … thus for me - it’s very much the same :sunglasses:

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That’s what I did!!! I will check CVRcade. Thanks

If CVRcade or VIRTUGO come out of Beta eventually their investors are going to want to start making some money. Does anyone really believe that they will cost substantially less then Zwift? Zwift has a pretty big head start and I think newcomers are going to have a tough time competing unless they offer something really new and innovative

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Zwift cost me $15 USD per month. During that month I will use Zwift about 25 to 30 hours. So the cost is about 60 cents per hour on the high side. I enjoy the program and it is certainly worth that much to me. I am actually riding this winter and staying in cycling shape. I don’t know what else you can do for fun at 60 cents per hour. I personally think it is a good deal.


I want to live wherever you do! Here? A decent pint is always more than $5. :beer:

…and we Europeans pay 15€ instead of 15$

15€ = 17.10$

I think it’s way to expansive. But hey, what can you do?
At least Strava is free.

Great ! Tk David. We are a group of cyclists looking for an alternative to zwift.

heck, there’s lots of us (all the new users here for less than a year) who have been paying $15 a month this whole time!

well worth it in my book

there’s spin classes in my area that charge like $40 PER CLASS… if you want to talk about a rip-off that’s one right there!

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the fact is that the company has decided to increase his rates by 50% and this is not acceptable. If your cell company would increase your rates by 50%, what would you do? We do not increase rates this way