How can I set up and lead personal training classes via zwift?

As a coach in the UK I have been running winter turbo classes for several years but due to CV19 I would like to run them this year via zwift. I appreciate I can create my personal training session, then email the file to my riders so they can access it via their own custom workout list. But my question is and am I correct in thinking… If I create a group ride using ‘everyone says together’, when we meet riders then go to their training menu and select my workout for that week will we all be able to complete the workout and stay together despite everyone having their own individual power zones? I guess like a group ride it will just slow the faster and speed up the slower riders speeds, but power will always be accurate to what they are producing.

Is that correct or is there something else I am missing to be able to set up a ‘bespoke training session’ for a group where everyone stays together, despite a wide range of abilities.

Thanks in advance for any help and feedback

Yeah, you got it right


Thanks Mike. Just needed to double check before I tried to organise one and and disapoint anyone by mucking it up. All the best