How can i see information about my activity?

Hello. I lost internet connection in end of ride today and cant see actvity info. I cant download fit file for strava too because i see the blank page on activity link. Can you help me please?

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See if this help: Your Activity History and .fit Files

I have seen this instruction. fit file is not displayed, there is no way to load it. Can technical support help in any way? It is very upsetting that this happened.

What system do you use?

I use Windows 10 x64 and google chrome. i can see function for download .fit files on other activities Can i find file in hdd and upload? Thank you for trying help me!

If you lost the network connection when your ride was saving, then you’ve probably lost the data, sorry.

But for the future, this imminent feature should help with this sort of thing - "Save Your Ride Locally" feature [December 2021]


look for this directory in your file folder, here you can find the .fit files and upload to Strava or other 3rd party sites. You can’t upload it to Zwift however. A fix is coming as Steve points out.

Thank you,I did it!

From the link I posted:


You are right, I did not see this part of the instruction. thank you all for your help!

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