How can a beginner increase their fitness using this?

Was wondering if any folks had tips for a couch to running plan using Zwift running?

I’ve been doing the cycling for awhile now and my wife has shown some interest in running on the treadmill next to me so I got her setup this weekend. She signed up for the zwift 101 training plan but was having trouble hitting some of the targets. We lowed the intensity to 90% but it was still hard near the end of the workouts when she was running out of steam. After this we put in her actual mile times so hoping this might help adjust things during her next workout.

I told her to sign up for an E class event as that was how I originally got started with the cycling. It doesn’t seem like such a thing exists for running? We were thinking of trying a D class event but it would be really nice if there were some women specific events here. Again I didn’t find these. Was wondering if they ever pop up or if I should give up hope?

Thanks for any help

Monday Run club and Wednesday workout have group runs at D pace and the Run in the Park also has a separate event for D group.

If you have setup the paces correctly then the workouts in the 101 plan should now be at the correct level.