How are Zwift points earned?

I’ve been through 9 pages of questions & suggestions and I don’t recall anyone asking how the Zwift points are earned. Are points purely allocated on distance ridden or are extra points earned for drafting or sprinting or for pulling away? I’ve noticed a ‘+20’ appear near my progress bar but not as yet been able to associate this with anything.

Points are awarded every set unit of distance (I believe it’s +20 every km or mi)… then there’s the power-ups that give you +10 or +50(?) … then I believe there’s additional points for achievements (getting a sprint/climb/bestLap jersey, etc.).

It appears to be based on distance, plus the little-plus-sign and big-plus-sign power ups.

It seems kinda lame that you get +20 for every km OR mi, as you’d rack up far more points riding in metric.

It’s +20 per KM or +30 per Mi. For once it’s a conversion that favors the Europeans a little bit. :wink:

Additionally ‘achievements’ such as touching 1200w or hitting 50mph give huge points boosts.

Once our leaderboards are more legit there will also be bonus points for taking jerseys as well as a % bonus for holding on to them over time.

I hope once points are awarded for leaders jerseys ZWIFT or the ZWIFT community has found a way to police all the riders who are not listing their accurate weight. Until then it wont be a legit competition. Or, we could all start listing our weights as lower until we all weigh 0 pounds.

Per kilometer. +30 for each mile.

So… 600 points for my normal hour long 20 mile ride and 640 if I just switch my display units to kilometers? Bonjour, niveau 15! :wink: