How about the long rides?

I am used to doing about two long rides a week, about 90 - 110 km. So far, (at my level) cycling for me is just making the km’s. I’ve never trained by any structure, but now I wanna do that. So: I’d like to choose the 10-12 week ftp building training plan. But that makers me wonder weather I will lose all the getting used to longer rides. Yes, I’ll be riding with a higer ftp, but then having to built it up all again? Please share you comment’s.

No, I don’t think you have to worry about losing much of the endurance fitness at all. Since you already have a good base to build on, after the ftp building plan you should be able to go back to the longer distance rides pretty easily, just faster :slight_smile:

Endurance is based a lot about Mitochdrion mass:

If you will stop training those will die after 7 to 10 days. They will also die if you train but the mass is higher.

If you start doing intervall training like VO2 Max Zone 5 Intervalls you will form the quality of your cells.

More cell mass more ATP, O2, or simply fat or glucose per time (s, m, h) more quality = even more power because more O2 utilisation.