How about a Zwift "lite"?

I’ve been thinking it would be nice to send a link to family and friends that are following to allow them to view real time (similar to what we can do if we join and “just watch”). But, this would be we based so that nothing would have to be downloaded - it would run off of the local server.

While this would require the added hardware overhead, it would allow for an expanded brand awareness as well. To minimize computing demand, you could take out all of the extra features, and lock the link to the view of the particular person (or event) in question.

This would be a great way to promote Zwift as a platform by bringing those not already part of the community into the community because they can see what is going on (again with family or friends) and/or follow along with larger events.

Would also be nice if the link was static so that it could be sent out ahead of time - think an event like the recent Andre Greipel event that was used to raise awareness for ALS. That could have been available ahead of time and Zwifters could have pushed the link to their social media networks to raise even further awareness as onlookers watched.