How about a female race on Sunday for Zwift academy in the morning EST:)?

(Elise Yanover) #1

No more races on Sunday except mens at 10pm.
Anyone else need one more to finish?
Can Zwift post more races to finish the Academy next weekend?
It’s been too nice to just ride inside so I’m down to the wire …:grin:.

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Elise, on our side we see that there’s 4 ZAW races on Sunday :slight_smile:

(Elise Yanover) #3

Hmm I see that on your link, but it’s not updated on the Companion App which is where I usually go to look for things. Maybe I should check laptop site instead?
cool. NOw it needs to rain on Sunday so I am not tempted to go outside instead and not finish the academy by one event! Have the rest planned for this week when it’s too dark outside. But where I live outdoor riding is not year round so I need to take advantage of the outdoors on weekends.