Horror show.. Can't change worls, find riders and stupid speed

My today experience was a horror show… Firt Zwift iPad app can not to change the world. 2 times, and I missed start of the event (3R 160km…) App restart… Then 5 times can not find the riders… OK. I changed the event. So Zwift brings me to the old event, found the riders, but i was stick in virtual trainer and can not ride with others… F@#$#$ck… I was quit the new event and make another rejoin and it was succesfull, almost… I joined to others, but my speed was crazy, when I pedal. 60kph with 40W… Do you have any new ideas, what else can you screw up?

Look on power and speed…

Good morning @Tadeusz_Wlodarczyk_T

Can you give us a bit more information. what trainer do you use, how do you connect to your trainer. What version number of Zwift and companion app are you using?

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I always use last versions of applications. Zwift Companion on Samsung S7 Android, Zwift on iPad. Ride was made Sat, Jan 4, 2020, devices was connected to dedicated wireless network with LTE Internet 18Mbit/s bandwith and 38ms ping (checked after ride). Sensors connected via BLE to iPad: Geonaute HRM Strap, Ronde Xpower powermeter (power source), Ronde Xpower powermeter (cadence source), Elite Nero rollers (controlable trainer). This setup was used for 400hrs of fun, and this was first time when I must leave the event because of flying…