Horrible passing, especially on hills

(Jeff Doughty PVC WBR (B)) #1

Hey guys,


The last few days I have noticed that passing on hills (uphill mostly) can be incredibly hard.  I have been doing 4.5 w/k and my avatar decides to sit in behind someone doing half of that.  It happened a number of times.  It totally destroys your forward progress.  It was so bad a couple of times that I spent  4-5 seconds doing this.  It lead to being dropped a couple times, and well as just being frustrating.  Still love the app and use it all the time just want it to be the best it can be.  Thanks!

(Johan Wallstrom [Sz] A) #2


I also noticed this yesterday - pushing 4-5 w/kg uphill and got stuck a couple of times behind riders almost standing still.

(Joseph DeLuca) #3

Having the same problem.  Get locked in behind on hills - can be doing twice the w/kg and will still take 5-15 seconds to get around.  Seems like the problem started after the last update?

Maybe from one of these improvements? 

  • Improved ability to get into a draft and stay in the draft
  • Improved rider steering when passing so that the avatar rams into the back of other riders less often.

(Matt Robinson Westbury Wheelers) #4

I assumed it was due to the drafting mechanics change in the last update.


Must admit I’m still finding it hard to stay on wheels…


I guess the answer on hills is to hang back a bit and then burn past them at max power to drop them like a stone, just like in real life :stuck_out_tongue:


(Jeff Doughty PVC WBR (B)) #5

I did another ride today and tried a couple things to see if I could combat the passing issue.  I was unable to counteract it in any way.  I tried a quick sprint for a couple seconds approaching people on hills.  I still got stuck doing 7w/kg and they were doing 1.5-2.5… 

I was going up Libby Hill with 3 other guys, we were all giving it a bit of a push.  I got stuck behind slow wheels and they took off leaving me seconds behind.  You can’t make that time back up easily.  Not to mention you were working hard and have little to show for it, especially if you are going for a jersey.


Hope this improves soon.  I have and always will love Zwift.  This is the first major headache I have encountered in almost a year of using the program… Thanks for all the miles!

(A Stewart) #6

I agree. Going up the hills on Watopia, my character would stick to someone that I wanted to pass like a magnet. The program would slow down my avatar anywhere between 2-4 kph.

(Simon Oxenham [VC10]) #7

They’ve completely messed up the drafting with the last two updates. More experienced user testing required before releasing these updates IMO!

(Michael Henasey) #8

@Simon, we are the testers, so let’s keep the feedback going :slight_smile:

I agree, draft mechanics still not right. it’s still tough to stay in a draft and getting stuck in traffic is frustrating.


(Simon Oxenham [VC10]) #9

@Michael Err no… We were whilst in beta, but I’m not being paid to test their software… I’m paying them to do that!

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #10

There has been a bit of discussion about this on the Zwift Riders facebook page and one of the developers weighed in to say that they are working on a fix for it.  There is a lot of consensus that the draft is too sticky and impedes passing.  As it happens, if two people are riding similar pace to each other it actually makes some things easier but it is frustrating if you are rolling at a higher pace than average.

(Michael Henasey) #11


I get ya, but they way I see Zwift is that right now, it’s a service that I’m paying for and not software. The software is “free”. The service is what I’m using and paying for. Zwift is constantly updating the software as fast as they can. This is great! I’d hate to have to fall back to the old model of software where major releases only come out every couple of years and a few minor ones in between to fill in the gaps. Now it would be ideal for them to setup a Public Test Server that you could connect to and where they could allow those to chose to test out new features under the premise that its beta and buggy. Zwift isn’t there yet but maybe they will?


(Jeff Doughty PVC WBR (B)) #12

It is definitely a delicate balance between drafting and getting stuck.  Personally, as someone who rides solo almost exclusively getting stuck is a huge problem. I can see how people who do a lot of group rides want the draft to be better.  SO I understand the balance problem.

Does anyone know if until it is fixed riding the TT bike will help?  As I understand if you ride the TT bike you cannot draft… can anyone confirm?

(Michael Henasey) #13

You can’t draft a TT bike rider.

As far as a TT bike rider drafting someone on a non-TT bike, that isn’t as clear. Anyone?

(D THANG) #14

This is happening to me as well.  It’s so frustrating if you’re going for a kom or just a hard solo lap.  I’ve even been pulled out of a fast group when we overtook a rider going slow.  I’d rather have way weaker drafting than getting stuck.  Btw I am a huge zwift fan/addict and appreciate the effort to perfect such things.  Tx

(Mike Conway CCNS) #15

Yesterday I was over 1 w/kg higher than the rider in front of me and couldn’t pass.  On the hills, my avatar would gain, then bump back over and over.  Psychologically, it is tough to not be able to pass someone in front of you putting out a much lower w/kg.  For me, the new “passing” issue is a much bigger problem than the drafting issue that was being addressed.  Maybe they can turn down the “sticky” drafting when speeds are slower. Thanks.

(Lee .azy) #16

Something gone wrong twice whilst drafting unable to get pass rider on flat and on hill even through was push ~1-2w/kg more!! And got dropped out of ZTR-EB© race group.

Fix it please as was working before last update…

(Anders M.Poulsen) #17

I had a solo ride yesterday, where I also experienced this. Just like Lee S i had problems with passing riders going slower than me (1-3w/kg) - especially annoying when going uphill. 

I hope you find a fix, or at least revert back, until you find one.

Lower draft is better than getting stuck behind slower riders.


(Craig Haydock (72 Hr Record - USMES)) #18

In addition to this problem (and I have no idea if it’s related at all) I’ve noticed that the AI is a bit stupid with lining up to draft someone who is stopped in the road.  Instead of just acknowledging that they are stopped and avoiding them all together, the AI lines you up on a collision course then pauses briefly as you bump around them.  The AI should really be more cognoscente of the rate of speed of the other riders along with the rate of closure to them.  If a rider isn’t going fast, they aren’t breaking much wind and therefore aren’t worth drafting.  Even if they are traveling at good speed, if you are closing in fast on them… it’s better to avoid getting into a drafting position because you’re just lining up for a collision.

(W oody TeamODZ) #19

Still a Problem with “sticking” to riders…

Yesterday on the Flat Road…  I was in a Group of 3 Riders with 3w/k… Passing 2 Riders with 2w/k… 2 of our Group passed them easily, my Avatar was stuck behind them… After a few seconds my Avatar passed them as well but my former Group was gone… That sucks…

Does happen very often - please fix this!!!