HoloReplay Privacy settings don't save [1.41] [1.42] [June 2023]


Apologies if someone has noted this already, I didn’t see it anywhere when searching.

I seem to have a bug with my HoloReplay privacy settings where it resets to Public after every time I exit and log back on. This seems to be across both 1.41 and 1.42 on a Windows 10 PC for me and I’ve had it happen three days in a row now where I have set it to Private and the next day it is back to Public again. Had info from someone that it is happening on their Windows 11 as well.

Interested to know if anyone else is seeing this?


Same thing happens for me.
HoloReplay privacy settings return to the Public setting with each relaunch of the game.
@shooj please raise this asap.

I’m not Shooj but if it’s okay I’ll pass on your feedback :wink:

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Are you absolutely sure that you are not Shooj, James? :wink:

@Heather_Tamminen_DBR @Morten_Jarlund_DBR
Thanks both for flagging this up. We’re on it!

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Thanks very much!

@Morten_Jarlund_DBR are you also on a Windows computer like Heather?

Yes. Running Windows 11.

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