Hitting power limit when creating a workout

Hi all,


I created a Step test workout today.

My FTP was set to 100 W


I started with a Free Ride of 10 minutes

Then started the steps at 150 W, with increments of 25 W and duration of 1 minute per step.

I used Z5 items.

I added up to 550 W

then when i went to add another step I was unable to set to 575 W. Instead, it would only allow me to go to 400 W.


I decided to delete the 400 W option and add a Free ride at the end.

When i did that, the 550 W step turned into a 400 W step.


Can anyone shed some light on this?


thanks in advance!



I think it may be related to the number of elements i add.

When i reach 25 elements, any additional elements, e.g. a free ride, causes the last step to change to 400 W. Adding a step results in a  maximum power of 400 W




Can you let us know what trainer set up you are using? If this continues we can raise a support ticket and look in to it for you :slight_smile:


Ride On!

Thanks for the reply, Dan

I have a wahoo kickr snap.
I noted that it was at 21 elements not 25 when the problem occurred.
I also edited a ZWO file manually and any entries above 21 or 22 caused Wzift to not load the workout.
Removing the extra entries from the file allowed zwift to load it

Im going to raise this to a ticket, so the team can take a further look in to the issue. Please keep a eye on your email for the ticket.



This is limited to scale, and can be fixed with a different ftp. 

Thanks, Tyler.

However, since the steps in the workout (looking at the ZWO file) are multiples of the FTP, then all of the lower power steps will start at a higher value.

Also, this problem only occurs when you get to about 21 elements in the workout.


or am I missing something?