Hip Rehab No resistance

Hey folks, I’m 3 weeks now post hip arthroscopy labrum repair. I can ride but no resistance. Is it possible to turn resistance completely off? I’m using either an Elite Direto or Saris H3. I’m asking as I don’t want to go on and try and figure it out. Resistance free spinning at this time only. Thanks!

Hi Jason, I today did my 1st Zwift ride since hip arthroscopy and labral tear surgery on November 21, what I decided to do was create a workout on Training peaks that involved being at 10 watts for 20 minutes, this way in WRG MODE I was always going to be over.
I then went on jungle circuit and did an immediate U turn to go up epic KOM so that there was minimal distance added to not use up uch of my free trial miles.
When I can bike properly I’ll sign up properly

Thank you for the response, also best of luck with recovery. I had acetabular femoral impingement. Minimal labrum damage but was repaired. Did you have to wait this long before utilizing cycling ad a rehab option? I’m now going to aquatic PT. biking at zero resistance is allowed from what I can see. Dec 6th was my surgery date Thanks

I used ERG mode and lowered my ftp to the bottom 5w. I couldn’t get it under 45-50 watts. It felt effortless but still some watts. Maybe that’s what it takes to free spin.

Could be a trainer limitation that there is no zero resistance ability? 0 resistance meaning equivalent to putting a bike on a wheel-on trainer, but moving the drum off of the rear tire completely? Maybe hunt around for a real cheap wheel-on used trainer.

I found that no matter what I tried on a kickr bike I still had initially high resistance to start moving.

That was hardest part. I had a broken femur and I had to push very hard with the good leg to get moving. In retrospect I should have just not done any riding at that point.

The trainers have a minimum resistance due to the magnets rotating.

You can try your smallest gear in front and the biggest at the back.

Hey mate. I’ve done this a little bit. With a separate PM on my crank I unplug the CycleOps/Saris trainer and it offers minimal resistance. It’s not bad for cooling down, injuries, etc.

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That might be the best option. Thanks for the info

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Yes that’s how I had the gears configured. Seems ok at this wattage. Thanks!!

I have no problem starting or pedaling, Dr’s orders no resistance. I think 45watts is pretty minimal. Thanks!

Yes I’m thinking the same. Still have to to turn the belt and pulleys. Had to pull some watts I guess. Feels fine so all good for now. Thanks for the response!

I suppose it’s probably okay to do a little bit of resistance - your doctor is probably thinking of “cyclist, won’t follow orders” so giving the most strict instructions.

But as long as you keep the resistance as low as possible should be fairly safe, but I’m not the doctor so I’d double check.