Hints for scoring 10 stars (*) on Repack Ridge?

Just to summarize the scoring: You get a full star for holding or getting close to the indicated line in 10 specific turns on Repack Ridge.

While I don’t nail them every time, I don’t have a problem with nine of the turns. But I’ve never scored more than 1/2 star (“OK”) on one turn: the third one from the end. Numerous times I’ve entered it exactly over the arrow and stayed right on the curvy path, but still only “OK”, never “Nice line.”

Does anyone have any hints for riding a “nice line” in that turn?

Also, in my experience the scoring all ten turns inconsistent. Unlike the one above, it’s not too hard to score “Nice Line” in them. But in some, I have to stay quite close to the desired line, while in others I can deviate a lot and still get “nice line.” There have times when I completely blew a turn but still got “nice line.” Have any of you had this experience, or have any info/advice about it?

Let me add that I haven’t ridden Repack Ridge all that often, so my experience might not be representative.



After a bunch of tries, I figured out the line required at turn 8 to score a full star.

After crossing the blue arrow, take the right hand curve wide, staying slightly off the left edge of the dirt path. If you stay right on the path, you’ll probably just get “OK,” which bothers me because I think the path would be faster than the grass and therefore a better line.

All of the turns have leeway in their “NICE LINE”, but - unlike turn 8 - what feels like the best line is always within the leeway.