Highlight issues on MacBook Pro running el Capitan

Had the camera highlighted to take a picture of my time for my very first (and currently only) sub-60 completion of the Alpe du Zwift. And when I hit the ‘return’ button to activate it…? It activated the U-turn. RIGHT before the arch. Which eliminated the ride up the Alpe. Even a quick U-turn back and dashing under the arch (still sub-60) didn’t register as finishing the ride.

Contacted Zwift a week ago, but I’ve received no response. I wouldn’t be so peevy if I hadn’t danged near tumbled off my trainer after that effort, and have failed to replicate the effort since (my knees still haven’t recovered). I even have screenshots of my times that correlate with the map and prove a sub-60 ride.

Please imagine me whining about wanting my silly little badge here, but mostly, the highlighting issue needs to be rectified. I think it’s because the cursor was over the U-turn - but the highlighted button should’ve been what was activated, especially when using the keyboard vice the track pad!

Totally sympathetic, but I doubt Zwift is going to award you the “silly little badge”.

That said, if you did it once, you can do it again and probably even faster now that know you have it in you :muscle:


Is there a even badge for finishing the alp in under 60 minutes?

Yes. There is a badge for sub-60, climbing it 5x and climbing it 25x. The shortest route including the Alpe would probably be Road to Sky :thinking:

Unless I have missed one, then that makes a total of four Alpe related badges.

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Ah yes, it’s one of the hidden extra credit badges, lift off.