High watts and speed garmin 2 in Keiser bike

i’m using Keiser M3 with sensors speed and cadence garmin 2 connect perfect but the speed and power is very high. I seem to be on a motorbike some idea to slow down that speed and power. Thanks

That trainer/bike is not supported.

Zwift has no power curve for that indoor bike, and there is not way that Zwift know at what power level you have the resistance knob.

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Thanks a lot,

Hi there, I also own a Keiser but use Garmin Vector 3 power pedals. Your speed sensor doesn’t show the correct speed because of the size of the rear wheel…its too small. Keiser have a device to bridge to Zwift, but I didn’t buy it because of reliability issues.
So the speed sensor doesn’t give an accurate reading, but power pedals seem to be fine. Hope this helps.

The first on Trainer Road is a 30×30 workout where I alternate a very high wattage with a very low wattage!