High Watt Badges Achieved Sitting Still

I was sitting in the start pen of a race either not pedaling or slowly pedaling. Zwift was recording correct wattage on the screen. However, I received all the high wattage badges in quick succession. I recorded the ride so you can watch it. I ended the ride and reentered. After that I was on a Tron Bike during the race and my avatar was displaying the draft cues (not normal for Tron). I felt very sluggish on uphills and suspect I was actually assigned a different bike (maybe the Tarmac that I won), but was seeing the Tron on screen. I checked the Tron was what was showing in Garage. I also had the bug where I achieved the Tarmac Pro bike during the ride and the award would not go away, Bike not in my garage (but this one is reported I believe.) All of this recorded on the same race.