“High End” iOS Devices - Shadows?!

(Tom Schultz [Krt]) #1

What high end iOS devices now support shadows in game?! Thanks!

(M. ash Potato [Cramp Champs]) #2

Wondering the same as well, is there a basic supported device list for the shadows option?

(Lin) #3

I am predominantly on an Apple TV 4K and unless my imagination and/or eyes are deceiving me, shadows are a new thing.

I believe the new iPad Pros and iPhones are also quite capable and thus probably also have had shadows enabled.

(Tauseef) #4

I use the 10.5 inch iPad Pro, I don’t see any shadows - same chipset as Apple TV 4k i.e. A10X and memory 3 GB. The game detail is much better than my 2015 Macbook Pro but still no shadows. Jon Mayfield, could you please let us know if shadows are forthcoming on the iPad Pro version.