High cadence required during short sprints in ERG mode - Vortex smart

(Diederik Westerhof [X] CVR (B)) #1

I picked up my 12wk FTP builder today. I have untill now really happy with the Workout and ERG mode on my Vortex Smart.

Today however I ahad to pedal really fast to rech 410W in 10s. I had to increase cadence from 85-90 range upto 140 rpm. This feels like a Chris Froome attack.

On the other parts of the ride ranging from 135 to 220 W the ERG mode works fine.


Dit something change during the last update? Has anyone similar problems?


Cheers Diederik

(Georg Nikodym WoB) #2

I had the same problem with my KickrSNAP.

The resistance was pretty much non-existent.

Not only did I need to spin out in my tallest gear for sprints but the maintaining a consistent low power on the “off” intervals was nigh on impossible.

I disabled ERG mode as a result and have been enjoying the workouts since.