Hiding bikes in the Garage

I would love it if I could hide bikes in my garage. I only use 3 maybe (the Tron, the Specialized Tarmac Pro and the Trek Mountain bike) but I must own 20 bikes. It’s annoying during a group ride when you want to change bikes and you have to navigate through all of these bikes you will never use again to get where you want.

I agree. Would also be good to be able to sell older bikes/wheels back to the drop shop


Gets my vote. I suggested something similar ages ago:

The garage definitely needs to be more usable. I’ve got so many jerseys now that finding the few I wear most of the time is a pain.


Don’t worry, this will happen … Zoon…


That would be ideal but if that’s too much programming just let me hide them. Also - I really don’t need the drops. I guess when you are starting out they would be especially helpful but there are so few carrots in the game as is, getting drops more easily isn’t necessarily something I want.

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