Hiding bikes in the Garage

I would love it if I could hide bikes in my garage. I only use 3 maybe (the Tron, the Specialized Tarmac Pro and the Trek Mountain bike) but I must own 20 bikes. It’s annoying during a group ride when you want to change bikes and you have to navigate through all of these bikes you will never use again to get where you want.

I agree. Would also be good to be able to sell older bikes/wheels back to the drop shop


Gets my vote. I suggested something similar ages ago:

The garage definitely needs to be more usable. I’ve got so many jerseys now that finding the few I wear most of the time is a pain.


Don’t worry, this will happen … Zoon…


That would be ideal but if that’s too much programming just let me hide them. Also - I really don’t need the drops. I guess when you are starting out they would be especially helpful but there are so few carrots in the game as is, getting drops more easily isn’t necessarily something I want.


Related feature request:[Favorite bike/wheel setup](https://forums.zwift.com/t/favorite-bike-wheel-setup/87790)

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Yes!! Same request from my side; at least let hide the no-using bikes.

Added my vote.
Similar functionality but rather than hide, be able to mark bikes/wheels as favorites, then just view the favorites.
Event better would be to set up favorite set ups: bike, colour, wheels etc.

One of the reasons that I don’t spend drops is that it just adds more clutter to my garage and makes switching bikes harder!


I’ve also the 3 bikes i use.
No need for more to be shown, nor the over 10 million drops I have, with no requirements to “spend”
Apple TV is already too much of a pain to change bikes during a ride, without having to climb over all other bikes that are in the way!

There are a bunch of threads on this topic. Maybe combine them?
Hide items
Favorite items
Put them in the Basement - Attic - Closet - Storage locker - …

Maybe combine them?
Favorite bike/wheel setup
Mark kit as “favourite” and add filters
Remove Unwanted Items From Closet

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Selling some bikes would be good:

I only need the Venge + Super 9/858 and the Cannondale Evo + Lightweights or the SL7/Canyon Aeroad/Zipp 353.

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Could we have a part exchange option for the drop shop please. My garage is pretty full and with faster frames & wheels been released almost monthly now it’s hard to stay ahead of Drops to keep up. Trading in frames & wheels for drops towards new purchases would help.