Hidden Oasis Sprint - place Sprint Arc inside Fuego Flats hidden Oasis

Dear Zwift Team,

while riding Fuego Flats today, I got the idea that it would be a nice feature to place a sprint arc banner on top of the hidden oasis in Fuego Flats, where the waterfall is. It has a decent incline on both sides and would perfectly qualify for a sprint banner there from both sides. I’ve placed the arc and possible start banner locations, marked in yellow.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 133128

It would be a great addition to the Fuego Flats section, besides from the long sprint at the beginning.

That’s Col du Tempus! It needs to be a KOM, not a sprint. :grin:


I knew this one was coming :rofl:

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I never fail to disappoint! :sunglasses::laughing: