Hey Zwift Runners, We Hear You Loud and CLEAR!

Hi Mike,

Firstly thanks for the work on zwift running so far, it certainly helps make treadmill sets a little less dull!

A couple of feature requests from me:

Max treadmill speed setting - my treadmill only goes to 18km/h, so it makes it impossible to hit some workouts
Running track, which can tie in nicely with intervals - e.g. 400m repeats
Manually edit HR zones - I use a 3 zone system, it would be great to be able to customise this
Brick set - be able to go from a ride to a run and have zwift see it as one workout (nice to have)
Pacer or ghost runner
Fartlek sessions where the pace is randomly assigned mid workout, to contribute to an overall target
Saturday morning park runs! Could team up with Park Run
That’s about all the ideas I can think of at the minute…

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Brilliant. Been using zwift cycle but in primarily a runner. Started on zwift run a couple weeks back and loving it so far but it definitely could be improved. The workouts and workout plans seems limited

Zwift Park run. That’s a great call! @gloscherrybomb

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You can use the Apple Watch.

Great - is there a place I can see instructions for how to do so?

Hi Mike,
Please can we have a workout creator ASAP???
A few more running only routes would be great,
Pacebots would be very useful
Saturday morning Parkruns - one in each major country’s timezone.
That’s all I can think of at the moment!
Cheers, David


You should have the Zwift companion app on your watch and iphone. You need to give the Zwift app permission to access the health data in the apple health app.Then have the companion ap on the phone open and when you open the Zwift ap on the apple TV the apple watch should be one of the choices you get for devices. You can have it used for both the heart rate and pace. This is how I’ve done it anyway. I remember there were instructions some where in the Zwift websites but it wasn’t easy to find and I can’t find it now.

Hey Folks,

As mentioned, we really do hear all the feature requests some of which are easy fixes, some of which are pretty difficult. It’ll take time but there are a couple of things coming soon that should put some smiles on faces.

Yes, I’m a tease. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for the pod cast.

I just want more running only routes (no bikes), nice wooded area would be great.

Hoping for more triathlon integration.


Milestone podcast?! :smiley:

I guess this is tied up with the whole issue of having to restart the game to “save” a ride and select a new route or world. If they streamline that part of the game experience, doing multisport sessions should be more straightforward.

Mike is going to be on the Zwiftcast.

Hi Mike. Can you please post a detailed explanation as to the status of Zwift controlling the incline? Many treadmills automatically adjust incline based on the selected workout. I understand speed is likely not doable, but incline seems like such a no brainer.

Me too. Zwift has been oddly silent about this seemingly obvious omission. I see places where people speculate it could be due to liability, but that doesn’t hold water as many treadmills vary the incline automatically based on a selected workout. Speed, I understand the risk of that. But incline? Come on Zwift, give us a real and honest update on this.

Mike, congrats on your new position! I’m new to Zwift and have been exploring this week, Looking forward to further improvements on what is already a great product.

While I mostly ride, my wife runs and any time we do it at the same time involves multiple stops and swearing for us both as the zwift run pod won’t connect at all at least 1 in 3 times she starts and it requires batteries to be replaced and complete system restarts to get it going. We have low network/device interference since we are far from neighbors and the only other bluetooth is my phone and bike set up. The run pod experience is dramatically less reliable than my cycling setup. I keep waiting and hoping you release a new more reliable pod :frowning:

It could be eletromagnetic interference from wires and motors (including the ones inside your treadmill and fans and how to run your electric wires). This is why there’s no definitive answer on whether ANT+ or BLE is better and a lot of how to resolve connectivity issues are anecdotal at best.

This said, I find that the Zwift RunPod relatively accurate, but just not that good at connectivity…

Which podcast Paul? Zwift cast?

My treadmill is BLE controllable-- with both Speed and incline. And the change (even the belt-speed change) is so slow, it isn’t dangerous. It makes running on Zwift a lot more realistic.

Yes, ZwiftCast.

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Hi Mike,

As a predominantly outdoor runner, I only use a treadmill once or twice a month. It would be great to use Zwift when I do but the fixed monthly price is prohibitively expensive, and sadly I won’t be using the app. If you offered a pay-as-you-go option, this would really open up Zwift to the casual/infrequent user. I really hope this is something that could be looked into. Thanks, and all the best in your new job. :slight_smile: