Hey Google SDK integration for running

(Andrew Finlay) #1

Hi, when running you don’t really get downtime like cycling with your hands, unless yolu want to almost fall of the treadmill.

I was trying the companion app the other day and thinkikng, hey, why not just be able to say ,’ Hey Google, Zwift Start Run or Zwift End Run, or Zwift U Turn.’ Perhaps  more advanced one would be " Hey Google, Zwift Race Entrants, 10 mins to start time reminder,’ -> that then tells zwift to send companion app notifcations to all who signed up

A lot of runners will have like me bluetooth headphones with mics while they run, so the spoken words able to picked up above the treadmill noise.

(Vincent W.) #2

Thanks for the feature request Andrew! That sounds like it’d be a cool addition to make Zwift an even more immersive experience. I’ll log this and forward it over to our team :)