Here's what i like, and what i don't

As the title states.

What i like:
The motivating leveling system
The ride on system
Stuff like the drop shop

What i do not:
Watopia has to few long and flat tracks (this makes a 4 hour ride really really boring when you see the same things over and over)
The 14 year old graphics
The lack of real world locations with actual scenic routes (NY does not count, it’s one park and a repetitive hamster-pipe you can ride on.)

What to do:
Move to a good game engine that can run on apple, android/linux and windows.
This would make you money in the long run, as users would be able to make the routes for you, and you would only have to playtest it internally to verify that it’s up to your standard. (judging by the hovering asphalt and wheels that pass through it, it isn’t that high)
More places to see would make for more customers, and you could still limit official races to verified tracks.

I really want you to move to a better engine as i would like to see zwift grow and expand more.

Not sure. A modern game engine requires what? Yeh, powerful computers. Ad what does it mean? Yes, the game will not work on ipads, iphones, Android devices (most of them) or AppleTV … And this means what? You “blast off” a significant amount of your current, loyal and paying customers … and discourage a lot of potential new customers (as not all people are willing to spend a lot of $$$ for a new, game dedicated, computer - at least I’m not (I’m satisfied with my AppleTV)).

So, I’m not sure if such idea is good/smart. Just my humble thoughts :wink:

BTW - I have no problem with Zwift graphics … it works great for me … look at Sequoia road … awesome. I really don’t need more realistic graphics for the cycling app.


That’s not correct.
Ipads and phones can run unreal engine, a rather expansive game engine able to create photorealism, physix and great gameplay.
Seeing as the apple TV also runs some form of ios it probably is able to do so aswell.
There are other engines able to run on smart devices aswell.
I’ll give it a few years, something will probably show up that supports better graphics and actually longer routes without it taking years to devellop.

Tis true, the Unreal engine can run on very low end to very high end hardware, it always has been well known for that ability. One does question why re-invent the wheel so to speak when there were already several existing ones out there, perhaps licencing issues? (I believe they made Unreal engine free?)