Herd SHEries Spring 2022 info?

I heard from a friend that Herd was restarting SHEries at the close of ZRL but I can’t find any info online. Does anyone know if this happening and where I be can find info? Many thanks in advance for the Intel.


Not sure on start date but i’ll guess 31st May but @James_Zwift is the man to answer that.

Some more info from their fb page.

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Thanks, I’m not on Facebook so this is very helpful!

Yep 31st. I’m going to try and write it up this weekend.


Thanks, James!

Hi James,
I noticed there doesn’t seem to be any signup info on Zwift Power for the SHEries races tomorrow. No riders are listed as participating for any of the times except for the first one (5 am EST). Can you look into this? Thanks!

I am seeing that too… At first I thought that it was because it was over 12 hours out from the event, but still does not seem to be showing.

Looks like this morning’s one is in there.

Off to die, back later :slight_smile:

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