Herd climbers gambit encore

Saturday I partecipated in 10am race of Herd Climbers Gambit Encore. I noticed that this race is not present in Events in League page, neither results of everyone to took part of this race.
if I check in Profile, Results for this race is not showed Primes value.
can anybody help to solve it?
Thank u
Fabio Capodei

maybe @Craig_D_Mart can assist.


This was an error in setting up the first two races this past weekend. The race distance was set too short, so the segment wasn’t part of the event. Those events are not included in the league, but the league standings are now best 3 of 4.

Sorry for the mix-up.


Hi Craig
Thanks for your answer! Very kind of you! Luckily was a short race…yes I noticed that climb never came!:slightly_smiling_face:

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