Help with zwift racing

Hi, I am new to zwift, so please forgive me for asking what might seem dumb questions. I entered my first race yesterday, (Crit city race, The bell lap). I entered category D which it said was +3min. I started when the event started and ended up in category A…ooopps. Am I supposed to wait for those +3 min to start?

Another question, In my race results before my name it has a greyed out HR, I assume that means heart rate is that correct? Also what does noTT bikes mean?


Zwift don’t pick your category I assume you thought you clicked on D but clicked on A. Tip: use the companion app to sign up.

No if you select the correct category you will start when the banner drop.

Yes that mean you did not have a HR sensor connected. (Assuming you refer to Zwiftpower)

That mean don’t pick a TT bike in game use a normal road bike. Nothing to do with the actual bike on your trainer.