Help! What do I need?

(DAVID) #1

I’m trying to figure out what I need to use Zwift with a classic trainer and a laptop. I ordered the Ant+ bundle. That was only a USB cable and some Zwift stickers. That was a pretty expensive cable! I thought it would include a “dongle”?. Don’t I also need a speed sensor as my bike doesn’t have a power meter? I haven’t gotten any help from Zwift support.

PS When I look at what I received it should have been six dollars but it was thirty eight?

(Paul) #2

With the ANT+ bundle there definitely should have been a USB extension cable, a USB ANT+ and stickers, you might want to do7ble check the package since it’s small.

You will need to supply your own Speed and Cadence sensor.

What classic trainer do you have?

(Lin) #3

Are you sure the ANT+ dongle isn’t already inserted into the end of the USB extension cable? If not, double check the packaging. If you really didn’t get one, contact Zwift.

(DAVID) #4

I have a Minoura Mag Turbo II. I double and triple checked the packaging. All I got was the cable. Where do I come up with a speed sensor? Or a cadence sensor? I wanted to go low buck just to check it out.

(DAVID) #5

I just googled it. I found a speed and cadence sensor. I just need the part that I’m short then I take it?

(Paul) #6

Make ire that the speed and cadence sensor broadcast is ANt+.

The dongle could already be inserted in the USB extension cable like @Lin suggested.

Can you post a pic of what you received.

(Adam) #7

Hi, David,

General concept understanding:

  1. You need to transfer your bike data to Zwift
  2. Types of data:
  • speed, cadence, power, heart rate
    Minimum requirements to enjoy Zwift: speed and cadence sensors.
    I’ve took the bundle of speed and cadence sensors from Garmin (but you could find something cheaper also)
  1. Means of transfer: Bluetooth or Ant+ protocol - depending on your sensors.
    – the data is sent via Bluetooth to your PC/Mac/ or via Ant+ protocol to special USB Ant+ adapter on your PC/Mac. In case if your bike sensors are transferring data over Ant+ you will need this USB Ant+ adapter
    – your purchased cable is probably just an extension for USB Ant+ adapter that is used in order to place the USB Ant+ adapter closer to the source of the signal (your sensors on the bike).
(DAVID) #8

It wasn’t in the cable, or the envelope, or in the packing.

(DAVID) #9

My wife watched me unpack it then when I said the ANT+ wasn’t in there she also looked at everything. After investigating I realized that I could have purchased the ANT+ for less than half and I already have loads of cables. Zwift support was useless to me so far. I hope I can get what they shorted me!

The date on the order is six days after I ordered it.

(Paul) #10

You should contact Zwift support on the missing ANT+ dongle.

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(DAVID) #11

I did. I don’t expect to hear back for a long time especially with the holidays. My experience so far has been poor.

(Paul) #12

If you get a Speed and Cadence sensor that is Bluetooth or duel band (both Bluetooth and ANT+) you can still ride. Zwift allows direct connection via Bluetooth to all devices or you can bridge it using the Zwift Companion App.

I believe a Wahoo Blue SC is duel band.

Keep moving forward, but keep on Zwift support about the missing item. If you enjoy Zwift (which I’m sure you will) having the ANT+ dongle will come in handy.

(Jerry) #13

I have the Wahoo speed and cadence sensors and they are dual band, though I could never get them to connect through Bluetooth.

You might want to remove that photo that shows your address, lest you have uninvited guests.

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(DAVID) #14

Done. If it isn’t already too late. Good call!