Help ~ No more gears to use for TT

Hi, I’m hoping if you can help me with a Time Trial. Currently I’ve got a MTB set up with the turbo trainer and am thinking of doing a Time Trial. When I’m in the highest gear to push the wattage I want I’m always around 90 - 100RPM is this an issue when doing a time trial and would it effect my result? Thanks!

Hi @Izzy_NZ, welcome to the forums. This is a typical issue with people who have a MTB on their trainer. The gears on MTB’s tend to be smaller by design than the gears on a typical road bike. If you can comfortably ride at high RPM’s then it shouldn’t be an issue.

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Also check that your “trainer difficulty” (actually virtual gearing) is set to max.


Should it not be “not set to max”? From what I know, this gives you wider gear effectively. Set to max will thus cause you to spin out earlier - which is why I have mine set down to 70 or so, also on MTB.

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Thanks so much, my Time Trial went really well and it wasn’t an issue!