Help me please (low speed)

I use elite qubo digital smart b+ without velocity sensor but… How is it possibile that 109w and 87rpm is equal to 3 kph?

Can someone help me please?

It not amazing like that…


Are you seeing the power drop to zero then return to normal even though you are pedalling?

(This is the issue I’m experiencing using the Qubo Digital Smart B+ since the recent update, and means my speed drops)

Hi Gianluca

Have you configured your weight correctly in your profile? Your 109W is translating to 0.5W/kg according to the info on the right of the screen, which implies that your profile has a weight around 200kg entered. In the top right of the screen you’re going up a 5% incline, so for the entered weight, and the incline the 3kph is probably about right.

I’m over 100kg and grind very slowly up hills when I’m putting out 100-120W.


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In addition to the things David mentioned, it appears that you are also on one of the mountain bike options, which are the heaviest in-game bikes, in addition to being slow on a paved road with the in-game rolling resistance for MTB tires. This, also, would slow your in-game speed, especially on an uphill grade.

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How do I set up bike type? Where is the setup?

Once you’ve started on a course (but are stopped), use the Menu button to go back, and there should be a Garage option to the right which lets you change your bike and clothing.


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I’ve tried… But is disabled…

@Gianluca_ITA_Banti your avatar must be at a complete stop before you can change your bike or wheels. You can change other equipment (kit, helmet, etc.) while moving, but you have to be fully stopped to change bikes/wheels.