Help! Group Workout #6 intervals out of sync in Today's Plan (& Strava)

Hello, did workout #6 chase the breakaway today as a group session at about 12:25 BST today. This automatically uploaded to Todays Plan, Strava and Training Peaks however the laps are out in the first two.

This makes identifying what I did in each interval very difficult.

As this is the group workout on the menu at the moment I am guessing this may not be an issue affecting me.

Is there a way to check that all the #6 workouts going forwards are correct? The laps should begin with progressive 2min x 4, not 8 sec then 9m23sec Today’s Plan has popped in?

For those of us who have already done the ride, can this be corrected by Today’s Plan, or is there something that we can do to correct the interval start and end times?