Help for absolute beginners.

Some really easy training sessions would be nice.  even the easiest training session is a bit tough for someone as unfit as me.  A slower build up to workouts that are more challenging would be great.

Perhaps you should do as I do and just ride lots. Pick an intensity level to ride at and monitor it with either power (Watts) or Heart Rate (bpm).

Just use the ‘just ride’ mode, to ride around at whatever intensity you like. 

It would be nice if they could include the likes of heart rate zones and power zones. 

Quite often I see people saying “Z2 steady” and the likes of me going for a long ride I know it really helps to limit my HR to about 150 so an alert if I’m going above that would help.

Not sure why you’d want alerts, the numbers on the screen are pretty large and if you are working at a pre-determined zone/level it is usually not high enough to leave you crosseyed and unable to see numbers on the screen.

Just ride lots at whatever your selected easy level is.

It might seem like alerts are a good idea now, but onscreen or audible alerts for your Heart Rate Monitor just aren’t needed, IMHO, because you should be briefly monitoring your onscreen HR all the time anyways. Heart Rate will be your go to piece of data for a few years, until you improve enough to need a power meter to measure your short term efforts such as sprinting or short and steep hill climbs, which is where HR monitoring falls short, since increases in heart rate is delayed by 30 seconds after the big effort starts.  My Garmin 810 has those HR alerts, but I just found them distracting and unnecessary, since I was monitoring the HR all the time anyways.

And 150 bpm might be too much for a beginner without very much fitness yet. Start off by doing a long FTP test (essentially riding as hard as you can “steadily maintain” for 60 minutes, with no stopping and no surges. And use that Max. HR number as your Threshold value to base your “Zones” on. 

lol, an hour, when you are as unfit as he is suggesting then an hour is wayyy too long, I suspect saddle sore will bite after 20 mins or so :slight_smile: