HELP 2 Racers needed for FUN CAT-B WTRL Race Team EMEA W

Hello Zwifters!

Team InstaZwifters needs your help. Due to a number of reasons not all of our planned riders are available for the new season of the WTRL and we need 2 Riders to complete the team, more would better so that you dont have to race everyweek.

Boy, Girl, fast, slow, new, old as long as you want to have fun do some “racing” then there is space on the team.

If you want to get involved please let us know as racing is starting soon, so if you fancy doing the whole season, or just a few races its all good. DM on instagram, or contact @James_Ion_InstaZwift on Zwift Power, or simply reply here!

InstaZwifters is new to the game and is a collective of Instagram using Zwifters, we organise meet ups, share content, encourage inklusivity and like to eat cake. Find us on Instagram and Facebook just search for @instazwifters