Hells 500 vEveresting & High Rouleurs Society Kit

(Lance Werbeloff) #1

Hi Zwift Dev Team,

I know you guys have already added a badge if you ride 8848m (which is cool).

It would be awesome if you could please design a Hells 500 Grey Stripe Kit if you complete the full 8848m climb in one go (basically if you do a vEveresting with the Hells 500 rules https://everesting.cc).

An even cooler kit/bike (I know I’m asking a lot) would be to have a High Rouleurs Society kit if you complete 10000m in one ride (https://highrouleur.cc).

Hey… At least I’m not asking for a Mount Everest World :joy::mountain_biking_man:t2:‍♂️

(Pete Culhane) #2

Yes, please support this!

(Shaun Tomlinson #NEO) #3

1 million % support this. Nobody knows how many legends there are rolling around zwift.

(Charles Wheeler) #4

This would be an awesome addition to zwift to complement the hells500 veverestings, please do this but only to be unlocked when you meet the criteria of the epic ride itself. This is a must

(Andy Parsons (MW Pro-Cycling)) #5

Yes please! A further thumbs up for this request. I think it only fitting that there is special recognition within zwift for those of us that have done an everesting or two!
The grey stripe kit would be a fitting reward.

(Michael Sternberg) #6

Yes please Support this!!

(steven paton) #7

Pete CulhaneYesterday at 13:49

please support this!

(Robert Schoeman) #8

Absolutely and necessary to add an Epic incentive for the small and potential vEveresting percentile of mountain climbers on Zwift. And yes, I concur with the above comments and requests for a kit but would suggest a unique Zwift kit that reflects the vEveresting Zwifters Club for those who climb the 8848 meters and vEveresting Zwifters ‘Elite’ Club with an extra stripe or whatever for climbing 10000 m. I think that Zwift vEveresting should be a totally unique club with unique incentives different than the Hells 500. Hells 500 will probably not budge for Zwifters to also ‘earn’ the Grey Stripe grand award. Just my 2 cents…Ride on fellow Zwifters!

(P MAC) #9

I know of at least one person who got his tron bike by rigging up a scooter to his smart trainer (and it’s not me). I’d support this and even give it a go if heart rate monitor information was required for validity. 

(Andy Parsons (MW Pro-Cycling)) #10

As per PMAC comments, it would need to be verified, although I’m sure Hells500 would check the data including the heart rate before awarding. It would just require Zwift to defer to Hells500 check and test regime…

(Chad McNeese, ODZ) #11


9 comments and only 3 upvotes.

Are you all clicking on the “up vote” at the top of the request?

Or are there enough people that are down voting to offset the ups?

(Shaun Tomlinson #NEO) #12

everyone defo needs to click on the “up vote” as this is apparently trending. This kit needs to be a thing and HR data is a must.

(Paul Allen) #13

Great, more stuff for the vocal minority climbers. Zwift is already heavily tilted twards the climbers and this will only continue that trend. 

I down voted it and will continue to down vote anything to do with climbing until there is more done for the users that prefer the flats. The flat routes are way too short and there are no specific jerseys or badges for anything to do with riding the flats.


(Chad McNeese, ODZ) #14

Wow, hate much???

No achievements for flat? 

1)  How about the 100k and 100mi jerseys.  Could be done anywhere, but I highly doubt most pick even hilly routes, let alone mountain ones.

2)  How about any of the wattage (500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200) achievements.

But don’t let reality get in the way of your hate.

Just because someone gets something doesn’t mean you are losing something.  Maybe yes, maybe no.  Based on the massive group of developers that Zwift has built and the concurrent projects, there is plenty going on, not just climber specific work.

Maybe you can share the “flat” feature requests you support, and we can all follow your lead and down vote them too.

(Paul Allen) #15


I am just asking Zwift to be fair about what is implemented within the app. The “longest” flat route can be completed in 40 minutes or less. There are hilly/mountainous routes that take hours to complete, while the ones who prefer the flats have few options and end up going in circle over and over. Most of the releases/updates by Zwift as of late seem to be focused on climbing and more or less ignoring the flats. There are more users on the flats at any given time on Zwift, but the vocal minority climbers keep getting catered to. 

I am just asking for an equal effort from Zwift on BOTH flats and climbing, but as of late it has been heavily tilted to the climbing. 

Don’t let the vocal minority bias blind your vision of what is fair and what is not.

I am sure all you climbers are going to vote it down, but I don’t care I will continue to fight for the users that prefer the flats.



(Chad McNeese, ODZ) #16

Paul, I get that and am all for more expansion in general, including more flat and rolling courses.  But keep some perspective here. 

This request is about a single jersey as a reward for a massive accomplishment (likely 12-20 hours of continuous effort). 

It is NOT, not a request for new climbing course or mega climb.

Taking an “us vs them” attitude and down voting this request in protest (like you have done) seems like petty retribution to me.

(Andy Parsons (MW Pro-Cycling)) #17

Agree with Chad.
Paul rather than be negative about the hills, be positive and speak to zwift about flat.
But as Chad has alluded to you’ve kind of missed the point a bit. The hills have been designed and developed by #zwift, all we want is a jersey to recognise going up and down one lots.