Heavy resistance

Hi, have a brand New Kickr Core. Spindown completed with succes but i.e riding a flat ride like tempus fugit is a feeling of very heavy pedaling… :see_no_evil: During the ride I Can’t even use my heaviest Gear… :roll_eyes: Is this normal? I would think that on a flat ride this would be no problem. Tried with my lap top Who’s very near to the trainer but also with my iPad and always the same heavy pedaling. Have shutted down Every ble connection in my home and only left actieve the ble on the laptop or on the iPad. Can anyone please help me? :pray: Tried really everything completed spindown in Zwift but also on the wahoo app. Thanks in advance! Kind regards. Very bizar cause had exactly the same issue with tacx 2. My bike is perfect with New chain and on the kickr brand New casette etc…

You can’t put your bike in its highest gear even on the flats unless you’ve got legs like Andre Greipel and not have it feel heavy.

If you’re using a 9 or 10 speed cassette rear cog #5 would be a good place to start. You should be at around 200 watts at about 83-85rpm.

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