Heartrate dropouts increased after latest update

(Andrew Williams) #1

has this happened to anyone else? I’ve also had it unpair after a long dropout. Quarq data is solid and the distance to the ant+ key is the same. Battery is brand new.

(Kyle Polansky) #2

Is the problem with the HR strap or the game? Can you use a different piece of software on your computer to read the HR and see if you get any dropouts? If the strap isn’t working correctly I would recommend you check out this article (Note: This article has a few links to other articles if the first solution doesn’t work for you). http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2012/12/annual-public-service-announcement-how-to-fix-heart-rate-strap-dropoutsspikes.html

(Andrew Williams) #3

The strap is fine. the Garmin picks it up fine as does Tour de Giro.

(Bryan Chen) #4

I’m having a similar issue. My garmin computer picks up the HRM signal just fine but somehow zwift has it dropping out a lot. I just ignored it and attributed it to the ant+ dongle or too much ant+ interference from something. Would be interested to see if people have ideas on debugging this. Software bug or ant+ dongle issue or signal strength.

(Kyle Polansky) #5

@Bryan I’m not sure if this will help you out or not, but I have (a few) USB extenders and I put my ANT+ stick through the strap on my saddle bag. I have had issues with signal strength with my PowerTap previously and this ensures I have good signal from that and my GSC-10 speed/cadence sensor. For HRM issues, perhaps try taping the ANT+ sensor to the top tube. I have not had any heart rate drops while using Zwift, but I have not played since the latest update.

I do not know of any ways off the top of my head to read ANT+ signal strength from your computer, but assuming that other ANT+ programs on your PC are reading fine, then I would assume the problem is with Zwift somehow.

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #6

Like @Dickson, no problems with HR for me either in 21+ hours in game. Zwift’s data collection and reporting, for me at least, has been bullet-proof on all fronts so far.

(Lottery Discountz) #7

I’ve also had several HR dropouts lately. Whenever I go back into the “Pair devices” screen and hit search it shows up again. The HR montior (on my wrist) is actually the closest thing to the ANT stick in my case.

(Bryan Chen) #8

@kyle the USB extension idea worked perfectly. 0 hrm drops for me on my ride today. Thanks!

(Andrew Williams) #9

I tested it again today with two consecutive low-intensity rides using the same position of the computer and ANT+ dongle, same rider position, same HR strap. With Zwift, the dropouts were frequent and resulted in unpairing. With TDG, the dropouts were much less frequent, no unpairing.

Here are the plots:



(Andrew Williams) #10

Grr. Zenfolio destroyed my links. I’ll put them into Google drive

(Andrew Williams) #11