Heart rate sensor on apple tv problem

Are there others who have the same problem as me?

When I’m on the sensor screen after starting up there’s no connection with my HR sensor. After riding a while (like 5 minutes or so). I can connect to my HR sensor.

It doesn’t connect automatically neither, I have to go back to the menu and then it connects.

It’s not a problem of the sensor since it works perfect on my garmin.


Apple’s tvOS limits the number of concurrent Bluetooth LE devices to 3 different devices (including the Apple TV remote). You don’t detail how many BLE devices you are running, but I wonder if that’s the issue at play for you?

You might be able to use the Zwift Companion app on your smartphone to act as a bridge to connect the heart rate monitor. See this Knowledge Base article for more information:


Garmin heart rate monitors connect via Ant+ and thus will not connect thru Bluetooth. There are dongles and other connectivity items that allows this but they are more costly than just buying a Bluetooth HR monitor. The Wahoo tickr is about 50$.

The trick with HR sensors is to make the pads wet before you put it on.

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Doesn’t help neither. Tried that already.

It had nothing to do with the Bluetooth or ant+. My HR sensor had BT and Ant+. And I only use 2 BT connections. The wahoo kickr core (has build in cadence since last update) and the HR sensor.
The weird thing is that when I start to ride it works after approximately 5 minutes. But not automatically, I have to go back to the sensor menu.

Which HRM? ANT+ and BLE work independently of each other, so being connected via ANT+ to your Garmin watch doesn’t mean BLE is already enabled. Maybe it just takes five minutes for BLE to wake up.

It’s a magene sensor (aliexpress). Ur probably right about the BT waking up slower.