Heart rate or cadence

Hi all,
So which sensor or data do you prefer or recommend? And why?

I recently bought Apple TV which is so easy to use and looks amazing. If I don’t wish to connect all via the companion app, which sensor do you think I should use to max out my 2 Bluetooth conns on ATV.

I have only very recently bought both sensors, and have just got used to using the cadence one, which I have found useful when climbing. Maintain a cadence and just keep pedalling, got me up the Alpe!

Thanks in advance, cheers.

Cadence is useful mostly when you are new to cycling and need a number to at least occasionally remind you to move your legs in a way that doesn’t hurt your knees yet isn’t overly inefficient (80–90 rpm is a good rule of thumb unless you are doing something specific that requires a cadence above or below this range).

Heart rate is a good indication of how your body is reacting to the effort you are making so any aberrations from your usual responses can be used as warning signs of fatigue or even overtraining and such. If and when you know what a proper cadence feels like, I’d suggest sticking to the HR sensor. (Some smart trainers do transmit cadence together with the power signal to overcome this limitation so if you have one of those, no need to choose.)


I agree with Anna. HR. I also prefer if because if you use strava or something you have that useful data recorded forever. It will also help strava premium work out your fitness and freshness if you use that.