Heart rate not moving with spinning bike

Hi everyone,

I purchased a Spinning bike Virtufit S2i for home use. It’s compatible with Zwift so it autoadjusts the watts for me during a workout. Only thing I need to do is spin the wheel and keep it spinning.

I’ve done an FTP test and with that number I wished to try a workout.

During the workout there were several segments where the spinningbike in/decreased resistance accordingly. But the effort I need to put in seems … well easy.

Anyone know what the problem might be?

average watts 264 during the workout with a max at the end of 720 Watts.
Heart rate was accurate at 107 average and maxed at 127 during the 720 Watt sprint.

i’m 35 at 79kg if that helps.


Either there’s something wrong with it, or (more likely IMHO) its “compatibility” with Zwift doesn’t extend to any degree of accuracy, I’m afraid.