heart rate monitor

(tom gallagher) #1

I would like to add a heart rate monitor.  My Garmin cheat belt, ant,  which I use for Spin classes, does not get picked up on Zwift or on my Mac book Pro,10.13.3 .  I am using a Cycle Ops Magnus smart trainer and a Samsung phone, what are my best options?

(Paul Allen) #2

Garmin is ANT+ only so you have a couple options.

You can use CABLE to bridge the ANT+ signal 

You can use an ANT+ dongle in your Mac

Or you can get a HRM that broadcast in BLUETOOTH (Wahoo Tickr is dual bands)

The best option would be is an ANT+ dongle and a USB extension is needed.

(bud kuenzli) #3

The Wahoo TICKR sends out both Ant+ and Bluetooth at the same time so your Cycleops should see it in Bluetooth and your Garmin will see it when spinning. It can send both out at the same time fwiw… You can record on your garmin while recording in another app on your iPhone if you’re riding outside… very nice.

(Kit Mitchell) #4

I bought a Berry King (nope, I have no idea who they are either) heart strap, which transmits in Bluetooth and ANT+ simultaneously, from Amazon a little over a month ago. 

So far so good. It has been working perfectly to this point. I don’t know if it will continue to function as it has but I could say that about any heart rate strap. I certainly haven’t had huge amounts of luck with Garmin’s versions, having to replace them on a pretty much annual basis despite treating them like a holy relic. 

The Berry King strap was about £10GBP cheaper than other similar offerings. 

I’m not saying not to buy from the better known, more reputable, brands, merely letting you know about another option in case you didn’t know already.

(M Troutd0g) #5

+1 for Wahoo Tickr. 

I have a TICKR-X (chest strap) and I got my wife a TICKR-Fit (forearm strap) and they both sync and work well with Zwift.

One thing to note is that if you connect to Wahoo fitness app to do a spindown calibration prior to Zwifting, you’ll need to close and exit the Wahoo app (don’t leave it running in the background) or it will not allow the HR monitor to sync with Zwift - assuming you’re running the app and zwift on an iPad or iPhone.  If you’re running Zwift on a computer, then it *should* be possible to sync the Tickr to Zwift over ANT+ and to iPhone/iPad over bluetooth at the same time, as bud kuenzli pointed out in the post above.

(Bhaltair Gruamach) #6

I’m using a Jarv chest strap.  Bluetooth.  Works fine with ZML and Zwift. 

I don’t see the exact model I bought anymore.  There’s a slightly fancier one that appears to include a running cadence (pedometer) sensor available for about $20.

(L. Parks) #7

I have a Garmin 520 bundle, how can I get the heart monitor to work on here. Just getting involved in Zwift so sorry if this has been put out there already.

Thanks everyone!

(Kit Mitchell) #8

Hi Leonard.

What setup are you using to play Zwift? 

If you have, for example, a PC with a USB ANT+ dongle, Zwift should be able to pick up your heart rate strap no bother. No need to read any further - hoorah!

However, if you’re using something like AppleTV (as I do) then it won’t pick up Garmin’s heart rate straps as they only transmit in ANT+ and AppleTV only receives Bluetooth transmissions. 

The easiest solution for the latter setup would be to buy a heart rate strap which transmits in both ANT+ and Bluetooth. That will let you use Zwift and your Garmin at the same time.

If you scroll up this thread, you’ll find plenty of suggestions for suitable heart rate straps made by various companies. 

You’ll also see CABLE mentioned. It’s a device which bridges between ANT+ and Bluetooth. It should work too.

Hopefully that’s some use to you. 

(L. Parks) #9

This came with my CycleOps Magnus the other day and I have connected it to my computer and set it next to the bike. I couldn’t get it to pick up the heart rate monitor yesterday. Should this pick it up?

(Kit Mitchell) #10

As far as I’m aware, that should pick up a Garmin heart rate strap’s transmission. 

Prior to getting an AppleTV box, I played Zwift using our PC and had the same USB ANT+ dongle plugged into it. It worked perfectly. I didn’t even have an extension cable. 

Out of interest, have you tried plugging the ANT+ dongle directly into your computer? Maybe there’s a fault with the lead. It’s unlikely but is worth a go. 

Is the heart rate strap the only device giving you any bother? Has it been working properly with other hardware/software?

Are you using the Magnus for both your power and cadence readings? Does it seem to work as it should? Do you know whether it’s connecting to Zwift using ANT+ or Bluetooth? I ‘think’ (cue my being corrected) it shows which method of connection is being used on the Zwift connection screen. 

(L. Parks) #11

Thanks a lot for the great advice! I finally got the thing to work!

(Kit Mitchell) #12

Hoorah! I’m glad to hear/read things are going well. 

(Joe Yasko 🏊🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️) #13

I need to get a HR monitor that will work with Zwift. I run the program from my Apple IPad 4 tablet and use a Bluetooth cycle ops trainer. Any suggestions?

(Steve Ellis) #14

+1 for Wahoo Tickr models and for Scosche Rhythm models. They provide both the Bluetooth signals you need for Apple iOS & TV OS devices, and ANT+ for other fitness devices. There’s some independent information here: https://www.dcrainmaker.com/product-reviews/heart-rate-strapsbands.

(Kit Mitchell) #15

I’m still using the Berry King strap I bought from Amazon in January and it has been flawless to this point. I haven’t even had to replace the battery yet.