Heart Rate Monitor Recommendation.

Hi everyone,

will the wahoo tickr x or any other HRM BLE connect to an ipad while a trainer is connected to the same ipad via bluetooth?


Yes, a Wahoo Tickr will work.

I have a Wahoo Kckr Snap and needed an USB extension cable to make the signal strong enough to even make Zwift work with my PC.  I purchased a Wahoo Tickr but the Bluetooth would not work with my Samsung Galaxy 8 phone.  I thought that was strange since the phone is the latest model.  The Tickr cannot stay synced with the ANT+ dongle on the floor so I’m back to the drawing board.  I also have a Garmin strap that I use with my Garmin 820 bike computer but the ANT+ dongle doesn’t even see it. Is anyone using a similar configuration with a USB extension cable?  Has anyone found a heart rate monitor with a strong enough signal that it will still work if the ANT+ dongle is 5 feet away?  Any advise would be welcome!



This monitor has the best signal stability.  Internal rechargeable battery with 8 hr life.