Heart rate monitor disconnect

I use a Garmin ANT+ HR monitor and have no problem connecting prior to starting my training rides. But, if I get off bike to use bathroom, fill water bottle, etc. and come back and start riding again, no HR data is being recorded or displayed.

Zwift, is this a common problem? If I assign/connect this device to me is there a way to autorecognize and reconnect when I come back in room without me doing anything? I also use PerfPro Studio with my KICKR trainer and it remembers my HR monitor once assigned to me and continues to record data when I come back from a break, getting water, etc.

Other beta testers, anyone else seeing this?

Happened to me. You can get it back by going through the setup screens again an re-pairing the monitor. Automatic re-paring would be a big plus.

yup always happens to me if I move out of range for any reason. Pause, re-pair works but auto re-pairing would be nice

So today I had to take a nature break about 20 minutes into my ride. To avoid the HR monitor un-pairing I just popped off the HR monitor and left it hanging on the bike while I was gone. Worked like a charm. Sure my HR was zero for the 3 minutes I was gone, but I didn’t have to re-pair it by going through the pairing procedure again when I got back.

+1 on auto re-pairing ANT+ master devices e.g. HRM during the ride.