Heart Rate Device Failure not connected, Rider Stops!

Heart Rate Device Failure, Rider Stops!!!

We have all these fancy updates, yet basic functionality is still neglected.

Usual story start group ride, no heart rate, no connection, BUT in group, moving well, quick do heart rate reconnect, RIDER STOPS, loose group. FIX IT. I"m still pedaling yet rider stops cause I’ve tried to re-pair. Very annoying.

If you PAIRED your device at the start or before entering a ride your Device (HR, Trainer, Steering) will repair itself…you don’t need to go to Pairing screen. The only reason to go to Pair screen is if you want to Pair another HR Device.

The coming to a stop on the pairing screen has always been like that so isn’t related to updates, bug fixes or anything of the sort.

In essence it doesn’t need fixing.

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We have all these new updates, yet basic functionality is still neglected.

Usual story start group ride, no heart rate try to re-pair, RIDER STOPS loose group!!!

Fix it very disappointing.

heart rate re-pairing, Ride Stops WHY?

Avatars have always stopped when entering the pairing screen.

Again, it’s not something that’s broken. It’s not been neglected.

It’s how the game is designed.

Not true don’t repair itself
Always got to go to pairing screen
done this lots of times

I’ve rebooted my heart rate monitor, mid ride set several times, never had to go to the pairing screen, just carried on riding

Not sure what is your HR device…but i can reset my HR with removing from the belt for 5 to 10s to stop HR from sending data and then put it ON and it will reconnect without going to PAIR Screen

This is how u reconnect Tickr…others i hadn’t had any problems they will reconnect without removing.

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Correct. If the device is paired but loses connection it’ll reconnect itself without going to the pairing screen.

This happens infrequently with my NPE Runn & my Garnin Fenix 6.