Having a Club jersey

I havent heard any talk so far about club functionality having a subscription , or payment attached to it .
Thats not to say they are not considering it . It would be bold to try that approach I would say thats for sure from where it is today , I guess we would have to see what was being offered and at what cost .

Equally I havent heard Zwift say they are trying to monetize (club) jerseys, again not that they arent , just it has been stated on a few occassions that offering money alone wont get you a jersey . I doubt if that approach would scale for the number of clubs in zwift versus designer time, hence my suggestion to turn this on its head and move away from the replica idea . That would leave Zwift still with option to monetize as appropriate with those who did want that approach.

As for the problem with content why would this be any more of an issue that the arguable more open ability to type anything you like inapprpriately in your user name ( the current way we publisise our club as a tag entry on our lastname). As it would be set at club level there was some degree of additional control over it , and probably easier to address if it was the case , e.g DQ for any club in breach of anything deemed unacceptable. Its not difficult to think of other ways to keep this under control , club kit being enforced in events ( which many of the more serious ones … including zwifts own ZRL series) are insisting on .

I dont think there would be any resource required to “approve” jerseys . Because they would be designed by template only and assigning the club name to them .

If there is one thing I think Zwift are clearing struggling with is how to scale club and event management so anything that required that level of intervention would not work. If I read anything at all between the lines of what we are being told here it is that they have to solve this problem (authomation) to get these features out the door . What I am suggesting to Zwift on the subject of jerseys is scale it right back to real basics dont let us design our kits online , just let us pick a jersey type , choose the colors and put our names ( or even tags ) on it . It would be a start most of us I think we would take for now .

I would imagine they’re more thinking of Zwift kits (which obviously depend on all riders having reached the correct level to unlock it); but of course the limitation there is still the number of kits. If my team decides to wear Camo 1, and we turn up and see that your team has also chosen Camo 1, well that’s a problem. Especially if neither team can then change it.

There are a lot of kits that aren’t third party or brand-related, but many of them are not unlockable in retrospect. So you could all wear ToW 2020, but if someone in the team has only been on Zwift 6 months that’s not possible.


Exactly ! I know how it will have to be done at the moment , but going forward that doesnt scale and come with a lot of logistical and other challenges going forward . (Some of which you have highlighted ) .

The choice of kits ( to make sure everyone has access to them ) is much reduced .
In many cases that might involve appropriating another clubs kit as you own .

I hope this is opening the door to a simple approach to ensuring some degree of kit uniqueness along the lines I have suggested . The fact it got a like from someone who might be able to influence that is a positive .


100%. If internal resources are the bottleneck, hire a game artist whose main role is to create jerseys in-game. Charge for the service if they’re creating commissioned works. It would make clubs around the world happy and would be a new revenue line for Zwift. Is that not a simple solution?


I’m going to type “F” for all those still hoping this becomes a thing. I sincerely hope it does because I’d love to have my teams kit in there but like 99% of what the users actually want, I won’t hold my breath.

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Even a simple tool wear you can at least pick from some different patterns and colors. Basic color widget and basic patterns. Anything is better than being limited to the few kits you unlock over the years and promo code kits. In the first race of the new WTRL season last night there were 3 teams in my division with the exact same kit. Impossible to see wear your teammates are.

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With your comment on inappropriate content in the user name, there is also the issue of political messages in the user image/avatar. I saw this a few days ago with one guy making his way up Epic KOM with the political message in his username and then the party logo as the avatar.

Zwift should be the escape from all that, not the next battleground.

Coloured kit that could be customised with patterns and colours would be handy for clubs, but shouldn’t present any content issues.

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Interesting discussion here. A summary of my thoughts:

#1: Zwift is amazing. What the developers have done is so revolutionary and so useful to athletes that they deserve massive kudos for what they’ve created.
#2: Custom kit is such an enormous desire/issue for so many people that it’s hard to understand why Zwift hasn’t addressed it in a meaningful way. “It’s hard” is a difficult excuse for people to accept, especially endurance athletes :slight_smile:
#3: Giving riders a basic color and pattern customization tool would seem to be so straightforward and go such a long way to address this topic, that it’s hard to understand why Zwift can’t/won’t do it. Maybe it’s being worked on now, and if so I think we’d all say, “THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Ride on!