Having a Club jersey

Would you like a baggy kit option or what would you like to show that you’re a MTB’er?


Yup, that would be an excellent start.

Maybe a GMBN outfit (the mountain bike part of GCN) or maybe some Fox Racing gear or Troy Lee Design?!?

Need to represent my off-road pursuits! haha


Add me to the list of team leads who would love to have our custom jersey represented. We’re hovering around 200 team members now and growing quickly.

My addition/echo to this would be to allow for clubs/charities to use this as a vehicle for fundraising. I recently found out there’s a cycling club at my alma mater (Go Blue!) that was selling real life kits as a fundraiser for the team. It would be awesome if they could also do that within Zwift. I’d love to be able to throw them $50 or whatever and I get their kit in-game.

How does, for instance, USMES do it? However it’s done, do that, but with a donation aspect.

Think of it like the charity license plates you can buy from the DMV in some US states. Support the firefighters or local schools, etc.

Maybe there’s a way for a club like this to submit a design in a friendly format, pay an application fee to Zwift to cover expenses of reviewing and dropping the skin in their software, and then make it available as an in-game purchase with the proceeds going to the club. Alternatively, the club could be responsible for handling the money and simply give some sort of authorization code for me to have their kit so Zwift doesn’t have to get involved in the mess of handling all the money transactions.

Or maybe in lieu of the club fronting an application fee, Zwift can take a cut of each purchase (though the up-front fee would also serve as a bit of a filter on people just dumping a bunch of stuff on Zwift).

Making a texture for a 3D model is actually not difficult when the texture mapping is done well. An example of this is that DCS flight simulator providing templates for people to create skins for their jets. Having the template for kits would make it very easy to create custom skins. Free software like Inkscape would make this even easier.

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Just heard from a trusted source that Zwift has 0 interest in making custom jerseys for teams or the masses. Good luck being a special group that gets a jersey. My suggestion would be to get employed by Zwift or to buy a UCI pro license for your team.:smirk:


Here’s something from an INSIDE source: Your “trusted” source is 100% incorrect. :slight_smile:

I understand the frustration teams are experiencing with the mysterious methods in which things get done internally here sometimes. However, I can assure you the current custom jersey situation is not because there is “0 interest in making custom jerseys for teams or the masses”.


I remember many many matches between my team UK Firm (UKF) and TJD :wink: Aaaaah those were the days. Ride on!

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They were indeed! TJD and UKF almost merged at one point. I spoke to Jester about it, but ultimately we didn’t. Blufftrash, SPoG, Cham, Reaper, Kurgan, Yorimoto, Paz, TMAN, FaMiNe, Skewiff… No doubt many more I’ve forgotten.

Where are they now? :smiley:

Man, I miss the Quake 2 days of Savage, UKCCL, BWCTFL etc.

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Blufftrash and his dad (Diabolical?) & SpoG went to UNR. Reaper got me (Cham) into Ultima Online leaving Simon Jester and Kurgen at the helm and with a shrunken roster.

Fun guys to play with, I too wonder where they all now. Maybe they’ll turn up in Zwift one day.

I get nostalgic, I searched for old screenshots and clan web pages. I did find an old TJD site which I enjoyed reading. One thing I don’t miss is 56K connection and the elusive playable ping.

I would love to be able to help out on the texture side of things if that’s something that’s possible!

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I agree with the general premise that there should be more avatar customization available. Seeing what other competitors are able to produce as far as what the avatars look like will hopefully push zwift to provide some more customization.

On the other hand if they gave me a choice of spending resources on new roads or more avatar customization, I would pick the roads :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Who would pay for zwift and get the risk of being banned for creating an appropriate jersey. People are free to custom their jerseys and go ride on the streets but I don’t see any cyclist out there with ■■■■ jerseys.

When pigs can fly?

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over 7000 views.
that makes this a main issue doesn’t it?

I believe this is something that is really holding zwift back at the moment. the fact is that cycling IRL is about the clubs… and there is nothing in zwift that really draws clubs in at the moment.
having clubs able to make custom jerseys would allow clubs to join a race as a team and perhaps try out team tactics… IDK… the true heart of zwift racing is still purely fitness and maybe 10% tactics/drafting

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The Vegan Cyclist got a jersey… really… maybe you need a youtube channel and a few subscribers to get an in game kit?


Well, 99,003 subscribers apparently.

yeah, just a few :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe he can tell us. I’ve seen lots of jerseys that are new lately. What are the stipulations?