Having a Club jersey

(Ben Chuilon) #23

I would love to have the ability to customise my avatar jersey and shorts, even if it’s just a case of using fixed templates along with colour choices. If we can’t recreate faithful copies of real kit in this way, at least we could get close, or simply add a personal touch to our avatars. Templates also negate Zwift having to vet designs.

(Graham Irvine (London Phoenix CC)) #24

Given that this is such a wanted feature why are we seeing silly things like Halloween customization that is nothing to do with cycling (running) and only for 1 day anyway consuming priority , please please … no more of that , as far as I could see … almost everyone switched it off immediately , those left probably didnt know how to. . In terms of how to implement (and avoid inappropriate or unacceptable kits) I would suggest perhaps only allowing national organisation affiliated clubs to provide kit and assuming zwift use a reasonable standard modeling system for kits they already do , then providing the graphics from the graphics used for creating actual kit cant be too demanding .most clubs will already have this . I know my club would happily pay for the process .

(Fabio Mussi [BDC]) #25


this was the ‘jersey editor’ in sensible soccer , about 20 years a go :grin:. i suppose zwift can do something similar.

There are a lot of teams now and with some base combinations of color and designs and a small library of symbols this could be easly done.

Maybe the possibility to add a 3 letter tag instead of the symbol at the top of the jersey (or ‘with’ the symbol)

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(T) #26

Zwift put all custom jersey/kit on hold due to technical issues but never said what the issue was nor have they updated what is happening (not to my knowledge) Zwift used to have a kinda criteria for getting in game kit but it was never confirmed or published. Don’t you think it is about time for ZHQ to at least put out a statement as to why no kit being granted and better still a hard copy of a criteria to get team kit without making it impossible for smaller teams to achieve. Our team run a couple of Social rides per week, a Stage series on a Sunday afternoon and a Stage tour on a Monday morning for those in the southern hemisphere. We are looking at more group/social rides, not necessarily to get team kit but that would be nice. you always get the question when can we get team kit like other teams? Answer I give, Don’t know. Give us some guidance, give us a reasonable criteria, give us a reasonable time scale, have you sorted the technical issues? can we at least have an update from Charlie Issendorf or someone who has the real answer. (no offence Vincent).

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(Daren) #27

It’s definitely frustrating. I emailed Zwift asking about the process in Nov 2015, but never got a reply.

It doesn’t (or at least didn’t) even seem to be about team size. I don’t expect some of those Australian clubs with jerseys back in 2015 had hundreds of people on Zwift. Nor Mid Devon CC (how random, by the way).

Zwift have the data - so maybe they could retire unpopular jerseys if that makes way for some newer kit.

As for the technical issues, I’m a bit dubious about that. I mean, it seems to be fine to add new jerseys for the Fondo series, London series, two new jerseys for ODZ recently I think.

And when the in-game store opens, it’s going to be a bit lacklustre if there aren’t a load of new kit options to buy.

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(Jessica) #28

Could support Re-open club jerseys to ZwiftPower teams with say >100 riders then :wink:

(Daren) #29

I’d be more inclined to get people to support this one rather than an arbitrary 100 rider minimum.

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(Jessica) #30

It’s at least a goal post that Zwift could enforce, and limit applications from every teensy club until they implement a “system that scales”… think I’ll be dead before that happens… and if every club with 100+ riders have a jersey, they could lower the goal post some more.

At the very least, it would allow the custom jersey program to continue.

(Daren) #31

What about that poor team with 99 members? Seems daft to say “sorry, you’re not big enough” while a team with 100 “on paper” members but only 80 who ride regularly get a jersey.

Frankly I’d rather an “everyone or no one” approach.

I can understand a handful of very large and significant groups getting in-game jerseys. World Bicycle Relief for example should absolutely be supported, and the Aussie Hump Day Ride is a Zwift institution. Then there are teams that in one way or another have made a significant contribution to Zwift over the years; I supported the idea of a BRT jersey for that reason for example.

But to say “sorry, your team simply doesn’t have enough members for us to care about” smacks of first- and second-class Zwifters; when of course we all pay the same monthly fee.

(Stephen Hemminger) #32

What about jerseys for fund raising for charities like Team In Training (TNT), or Obleteride etc?

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(Eivind Lia) #33

+1 adding my vote :slight_smile:

(Matt Taylor) #34

Would love a custom club kit please!
Another thought - all our club jerseys have had to be made in real world. Could we enable manufacturers to offer Digital Zwift club kits? This way, manufacturers do the vetting, possibly pay the fee to Zwift and a club just needs to add a small cost to an order of 5 or more kits?

(Herb Koch (VCC)) #35

Zwift…Let’s get going on this improvement. Most clubs would be willing to pay for this option, so think of it as a revenue generating service…very few of those exist.

(Johnathan) #36

They are too busy designing kits and bikes for the Sooper league right meow.

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(Gord) #37

Just want to add my vote for having customer jerseys… :slight_smile:

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( Drew E. [HBCC]) #38

For what it’s worth, I did have this discussion with Zwift, and we were bringing the thunder. Our cycling club has over 1,200 members, and we were looking for a platform for winter training.

In order for us to qualify for a custom kit, Zwift told us flat out – the hard minimum would be 300 riders per ride, plus a set number of rides per week, plus a duration of time as Zwift members before they would even have the discussion with us. Although we were prepared to drop thousands of dollars, that was not a talking point. Zwift told us they do not charge a fee for custom jersey setups, but you have to meet all the other criteria in order for the custom artwork discussion to open.

Zwift Is not interested in your money, with respect to paying for artists or other resources, as I initially suspected. They are interested in your devotion to Zwift as a club, so that your jersey is meaningful and that Zwift members around the world identify your club as a brand within Zwift that brings value. Unfortunately for our club, once the weather turns fair, Zwift is in the rear view for six months. Effectively, that means we disqualified ourselves on that basis, since we would not be able to continue a year-round series of scheduled group rides.

Best of luck to the rest of you, though. Cheers.

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(Wes) #39


To be clear … there are a multitude of hurdles we’re dealing with when it comes to how we manage the vast amount of requests for custom artwork to be added to the game which includes jersey requests. There are resource issues, technical issues, and UI/UX issues that we are working to sort out.

It’s not an easy problem to solve and it’s not something that having clubs “dropping thousands of dollars” to get their jersey in game will fix.

( Drew E. [HBCC]) #40

Completely understood. It was not at all intended as a criticism. I was merely letting folks know that it’s not a matter of money, and sharing my experience having had that discussion with Zwift HQ recently.

My point, and I think it came across poorly, is that no matter what your club is bringing to the table, it’s not a cut and dry exchange to make custom jerseys happen in Zwift.

(Daren) #41

And thank the lard for that! A jersey in game should never be about who can pay for it. (unless it’s like $5 from a virtual shop… :wink: )

( Drew E. [HBCC]) #42

@Wes I updated the original post so hopefully my thoughts are more clear. Having re-read the original post, I can see where it seemed like a disgruntled exchange, but that was absolutely not the case. Zwift were very up front with us on every aspect, but there were conditions we could not meet as a club. That is our shortcoming, not Zwift. :slight_smile: Sorry for any misunderstanding, but hopefully the edit makes my intended message more distinct.