Have problems uploading the picture to strava

the picture which was taken automatically during the riding is not displayed on strava even i did choose the ‘added’ when end the riding. waiting did not work for my situation since i have tried to wait it to appear but apparently it just not. so… do i need to set something special on zwift or strava? btw i’m still in free trial, doesn’t know if it will cause the problem

ps.Could editing my activity on strava before picture appear be a issue?

Appreciating all of you guys very much for your suggestion!

Hi @Max_Lin

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I would guess that may have interrupted the upload of the picture.

It can take about 10 minutes to get the picture into Strava. I would suggest next time waiting for the picture before editing the Strava entry.

The picture should be in your pictures directory under the Zwift Folder.

I would say yes, possibly. I only say that because I’ve had the same behaviour. Usually pictures upload just fine, but sometimes they don’t appear. It does seem to correspond to times I’ve edited the activity before they have been added - but not every time.

Today I edited an activity and the images still appeared. It might sometimes be when I add my own image before the Zwift ones have arrived.

I haven’t specifically tried to reproduce the exact circumstances, but it does seem to happen.